Each year, right about now, Stab Magazine runs a prestigious and super fun collaborative boardshort competition.

"A Place In The Sun' is the driving theme behind our Stab x Billabong "Pleasure Town Trunk". It's the perfect collision of art meeting the sea, style meeting experimental design, colour meeting texture and Billabong meeting Stab Magazine. Designed, created and handmade with fanatical detail, this is a one off signature short with stories to tell. For centuries fabrics have been bleached and whitened by spreading them across large fields for maximum sunlight exposure. This process intrigued our boardshort designers so much, they recycled the ancient technique. A lightweight raw cotton denim was exposed to nature's elements over a six week period, regularly coated with ocean water and lemon juice, to create the perfect organic bleached canvas.

We need your vote and the competition is won on three levels;

1: The creativity and originality of a film clip that tells our version of the "A Place In The Sun" theme - this is judged by a filmmaker.

2: The design and construction of a boardshort that reflects the theme - this is judged by a fashion industry professional.

3: The public votes counted - this is where you get to put yourself in the story - YOUR VOTE will get us the win.

If you love our video and our boardshort, put yourself in the story by VOTING for BILLABONG's #pleasuretown short now, just click right in here and check it out! www.stabmag.com/billabong