Officials have called the 3rd consecutive lay day and the surfers are in full agreement. The Surfline forecast shows a 10ft swell on the radar a few days away and they all want a chance at it. So what have these guys been up to?

Mountain peak mission

Joel Parkinson and company scaled the infamous mountain peaks of Teahupo'o, Tahiti by crossing through rivers and tearing though the jungle to take in the view 3000ft above Chopes.

Flying boat shots

Boat coming in for a landing

Eyes to sky were making guesses before the story leaked that Alain Riou's dad has his own flying machine. He's fashioned a small boat to a glider with a propeller on the back ready for air and water. Both Mick Fanning and Kelly Slater went sightseeing from the (most likely) one of a kind flying boat.

Shane Dorian dive shot by Pat Stacy
Watermen Shane Dorian took a boat out to the other side of the island to deep dive in the beautiful Tahitian waters with photographer Pat Stacy.

Jeremy Flores soccer match

Jeremy Flores organized surfers and locals for a mean game of soccer (there's word of a re-match today).

Gabriel Mendina (left) and Michel Bourez

Boats, kayaks, standup paddles and jetskis are launched off docks for exploration on other parts of the island.

Sunset from Ace Buchan

Parko watching the sunset

Best fish dinner shot by Josh Kerr

At the close of the day you can catch surfers on out on the roof tops, patios, or docks out in front of their houses shooting photos of the sunset and enjoying fish from the freshest sashimi plates they'll ever eat.

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