We spoke to Joel early this morning, 10 minutes after he'd just threepeated the Hawaiian Triple Crown… with a coffee in one hand and a champagne in the other.

Joel Parkinson Wins The 2010 Van Triple Crown Of Surfing from Joel Parkinson on Vimeo.

We spoke to Joel early this morning, 10 minutes after he'd just threepeated the Hawaiian Triple Crown… with a coffee in one hand and a champagne in the other.

JP.com: Let's rewind to you sitting on your lounge in Coolangatta with a million stitches in your foot: when did the first thoughts of the Hawaiian season and the Triple Crown start doing laps of your head?

Joel: Pretty much as soon as I got out of hospital, I suppose. People were saying that I might be back for Teahupoo, but my doctor was saying to me, "Realistically, mate, you won't be doing much for three months." So I started thinking that writes me off until the Triple Crown and Hawaii, and once I started surfing again - three of four weeks before I got here - that's all I was thinking of. I just wanted to get here to Hawaii and surf us much as I can. Not so much the Triple Crown and the contests were motivating me; it was simply getting back into the water.

How emotionally low did you get after cutting your foot? Being stuck on the lounge, no surfing, no contests, the tour out the window for the year. Did you bottom out?

Yeah I had a few rock bottoms. I watched J-Bay on TV pretty well as soon as I got out of hospital, and I was really down then. I was eating a lot of painkillers and I was thinking this is just Chinese torture. I hated it. Then by the next event at Trestles I'd started feeling better, but I was watching the most perfect Lowers and it was just so hard to watch. Trestles was about the lowest for me. It'd come on TV early in the morning and I'd be watching heats I could have won, and it set me up for a day where I'd be down and depressed and negative. Then you factor in how taxing I must have been on my wife at this stage and the kids, cause I couldn't do anything cause I was leg up on the couch.

Tell me the story about the day you lost the Triple Crown here to Andy.

He got all the way to the final, he had to win Pipe to win the Triple Crown, and the prize was 20 grand and a car. Sure enough he won. We were staying together, and I'm like, you've got to be kidding me! He came up afterwards and he said, "Brah, as if I was never going to win that car!" Those were good days, and a loss like this makes this years win even sweeter.

There's been a very sombre vibe to the Hawaiian season with Andy not here.

Definitely. I spent some time on Kauai, I went over three times, and it definitely… it feels okay here on Oahu, but over on Kauai is where it really hits you. Whenever I'd been on Kauai before I was there with Andy. Being over there without him there was weird, visiting all his local haunts. Being here at the house at Off The Wall was weird, but as much as Andy ruled Pipe here, he was a Kauai boy.

And you met Andy Junior.

Yep, flew over and met Andy Junior. Had a hold. He's beautiful. Lyndie's doing pretty well and I think there is so much love for her and the baby that in a few years time that kid will grow up with a great life. The people she has around her, the friends and family, as hard as the time is now the future holds a lot of good things for them.

It's not every day of the week you cheer Kelly on, but this morning you needed him to knock Ace Buchan out for you to win the Triple Crown. You were the President of the Kelly Slater Fan Club.

I know. I feel bad cause Bucko's out there and he's one of the best blokes on tour and such a nice guy, and here I am throwing daggers at him hoping he's going to lose. I feel so guilty hoping Bucko is going to lose, but it is what it is. It's a competition.

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