The Adventure Division Go Deep

Billabong's Adventure Division are given a travel allowance and left to their own devices. How they spend their dollars is up to them, on one proviso - their madness gets media coverage. How can surfers guarantee that? By throwing themselves over ledges the sane wouldn't look twice at.

"It is just a perfect wave. You get barreled for the first three quarters and then have to doggy door it or pull through the back, because it's just running off way too fast to make the end section. Every now and then there's one that will let you get down there, and you know if you make the end section its going to be a really, really good wave. The further you travel the shallower, scarier and faster it gets. That section was crazy, it's definitely the heaviest part of the wave. If you come out of one of them clean you're pretty happy, because you don't get hurt." -