• #TheBillabongWeekly - Week 1

Today's world does not happily sit around and twiddle its thumbs. Nope, today we run around with our mobile devices out of pocket and in sync, we listen to our tunes while uploading a photo to Instagram just as we get ready to paddle out. If we can't access it immediately, it is probably not good enough, simple as that. From our webcasts to our magazines, we get it all digitally and in real time.

So at Billabong we have decided to adapt and keep rolling with the modern trends. Thus, we introduce #TheBillabongWeekly, our weekly summary of #TheBillabongDaily - which is our daily summary of what is going on behind the closed doors of our surfers' lives. Is it really important? Who knows... Who cares... It is fun, it is not too hip and it gives us a chance to laugh. 

Let's get started in with week 1 of #TheBillabongDaily, courtesy our fun and funny team.