• Some of the Biggest Waves Ever Paddled in Europe

Shane Dorian, Benjamin Sanchis and Eric Rebiere paddled the Portugal big wave spot of Nazare on Friday 11th Jan, in a historic day for European surfing. Shane Dorian, who flew in from Hawaii for the swell, labelled it, "20-25 feet on the Hawaiian scale in size and as far as itensity, power and size goes, comparable to any wave anywhere, whether it's Cortez Bank or Jaws or Mavericks. The waves I saw today were absolutely enormous and if you had paddled into the biggest waves today, you would have paddled into the biggest wave ever paddled, I have no doubt about that."

All three surfers survived some hideous wipeouts, and caught some bombs in the infamous shifting sandbreak with two of Dorian's wave legitimate contenders for the biggets waves ever paddled in Europe. Here's a few tasters, with plenty more to come.