• Searching For A Slab On The Great Ocean Road - Part One

The Great Ocean Road is a 243 kilometre stretch of twisting tar and rock that snakes its way along the rugged Victorian coastline from Torquay to Warrnambool, and at every turn there's a new view, a new beach ... and a new wave to surf if you're willing to brave the cold waters of winter. And somewhere along this famous stretch of road lies a left-hand slab that has been taunting big wave charger Dean Bowen for months.

So with Surfing Life visiting Dean's hometown on the South Coast of NSW and a promising blip on the forecast charts, plans were changed, cars were packed and jet skis trailered for a 16-hour adventure south around the foot of mainland Australia to find this elusive wave with Laurie Towner and Dylan Longbottom.

Watch the conclusion to this Great Ocean Road trip tomorrow.