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While Billabong's Dave Rastovich and his TransparentSea crew sail down the US west coast to raise awareness of ocean issues and the need to protect our precious marine environment, there was some recognition on the US east coast for Billabong's social and environmental initiatives.

The 2011 Global Conference for Social Change, an initiative of the Foundation for Social Change and the United Nations Office for Partnerships, has recognised Billabong as one of its Leaders of Change, an award that recognises companies that are committed to the 'pursuit of sustainability whereby environmental and social performance are embedded in the competitive strategy of the firm or organization'.

The award was presented at the Conference for Social Change at the UN Plaza Hotel in New York.

There was no single initiative within Billabong responsible for the award. Rather, it was recognition of the range of innovations and activities under way throughout the Billabong Group. These include an ongoing commitment to the SurfAid International Schools Program, the ongoing application of Social Accountability International's SA8000 workplace rights program, Billabong's annual Design For Humanity event, the expansion of the recycled plastic bottle boardshort program and the ongoing measurement and reporting of the Group's global carbon footprint.

The award, one of 10 presented at the conference, comes as the Billabong-supported TransparentSea voyage continues its journey down the Californian coast to raise awareness of local marine issues, in particular the plight of cetaceans (whales and dolphins) and the waters they inhabit.


To follow the journey of TransparentSea, visit www.transparentseavoyage.com

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