• Joel Parkinson has a new surf training app

Joel Parkinson is the 2012 World Title holder because of two simple facts: a) he is one of the most talented surfers on the planet, b) he trains like a tri-athlete focused on surfing.

A couple years back Joel teamed up with Wes Berg in an effort to re-energize his surfing and lengthen his lessons. “The extra conditioning allowed me to get the best out of my surfing. It let me surf harder, for longer, and it’s played a huge part in the success I’ve had in recent years.”

The training has been refined over the years to better fit Joel's surfing needs and is now in the form of an app available on the AppStore.

“There is nothing else out there like this that's built just for surfers. Each exercise replicates the body movements used in surfing so what we do in the gym translates to the way surfers perform in the water,” said Wes Berg.  “The app is for everyone from grommets through to elite surfers and gives them the tools to improve their confidence and performance. 

Get your phone, get the app and get ready to win a world title!  www.prosurftraining.com