• Day 2 of the #BillabongPro - More Barrels, Bigger Waves and a lot of Perfect 10's.

When contest director Luke Egan made the call this morning for a 7:00 am start, he happily communicated over the team radio, "it's pumping." And he was right.

As the day went on, the waves got better. Every heat saw high-scoring waves and many heats came down to the final minutes. It was not a day for the weary as the 4-6 foot waves opened wide and broke fast upon the Teahupoo shelf. Perfect 10's came for Jeremy Flores, John John Florence and Mick Fanning. The defending Billabong Pro and current world rated number 1 found his 10 with less than 5:00 on the clock, keeping his early season momentum and escaping a Round 3 elimination.

And where yesterday was a day of upsets, today the top seeds took the heats, setting up an exciting 3rd day of competition. For more highlights, photos and footage click here.

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