• Creative Destruction - Badnone Super8 Roll 1

Technology has lead Creative Destruction into the world of High Definiton, but with 'Contrast' being the main theme of the project we have a couple of Super8 camera's onboard as well. Sure, the surf world is getting 'arty' and their is crew who are off it, but hey, each to their own, Super8 makes now look like then, saves all that time spent reminiscing.

'Badnone Super8' is going to roll throughout the project. Wade's going to drop unedited full rolls of Super8 on top of some tunes that reflect the location the film was shot. The clip will be loaded up, untouched or modified. Here is Roll 1, enjoy.

Wade's in Indo shooting Billabong's latest campaign and will be back on deck in the next few days. So you wont have to read my shit for much longer hopefully.

Second Chapter online June 27th...