• Billabong XXL Global Big Wave Award 2010 - Female Nominees

Billabong team riders Keala Kennelly and Maya Gabeira were named as nominees for XXL Awards.
According to event rules, the winner of the Girls Performance Award awards will be won by the surfer who puts on the greatest number of outstanding performances at the most diverse number of venues over the course of the entire year. Excellence in the water and leadership in safety in both paddle-in and tow-in surfing disciplines will be considered. Judging criteria is purely subjective and will be calculated from the votes of a large panel of surfers, photographers and surf magazine editors and writers. The prize will be awarded in the amount of $5,000.

On the female side the nominees are Maya Gabeira (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil), Keala Kennelly (Honolulu, Hawaii), Mercedes Maidana (Buenos Aires, Argentina), Savannah Shaughnessey (Santa Cruz, California) and Jamilah Star (Santa Cruz, California).

The Billabong XXL Awards will be held on April 23rd.