• Best Wishes for Wade

In case you hadn't heard, Wade Goodall broke his femur yesterday. And in case you don't believe in spooky coincidences, he was surfing across the bay from where he broke his other leg just two years back. If that's not enough, Wade was set for a flight to Tahiti to compete in the Von Zipper Trials at the Billabong Pro Tahiti. To sum it up, we are bummed for Wade, and hope he is back in the water soon.

Wade was out in the water with Laurie Towner, who pulled him in and got him to safety. Here's part of an interview Laurie did with Stab Magazine shortly following the incident:

You’re certainly no stranger to heavy situations in the water. Basically if someone gets badly hurt there’s not much we can do, other than get them in, get them to a safe spot, get them warm and make sure they don’t go into shock. The ambulance comes and they have this crazy little splint thing that they do now. Because it was his femur, your leg shortens a bit ’cause it’s twisted. They use this pulley thing – they’ve gotta fully drug him up first – then they put this splint on him and pull this pulley thing, and it pulls his bone apart so the pieces aren’t rubbing against each other. It makes it a little less uncomfortable, but watching them do that and twist his leg back…

For the rest of the interview on Stab: http://billab.ng/17RyrLP 

(Photo: Spencer Hornby)