• An experimental project

~ our latest experimental project ~

Our approach was to design and build a trunk in a way never attempted before. Breaking down and questioning the elements and processes of garment design. Looking at every component of build in a new light, from fabric and print to tailoring and trim... The result?

A unique, one off trunk made using unexpected materials & experimental treatments, free from the everyday confines of mass production & commercialism.

Bleached ~saltwater & sun~

For centuries fabrics have been bleached & whitened, by spreading them out in large fields for maximum sunlight exposure. We began with a similar philosophy. Lightweight, raw cotton denim and ‘a place in the sun’.

The denim was exposed to natures unexpected elements of wind, rain, sunlight, saltwater and an occasional squeeze of lemon juice for six weeks. It created the perfect organic bleached canvas.

Print ~bursting in spring~

With the bleach indigo cloth in mind, our artist splashed together a sparse paisley floral. An organic wash of bright spring toned hues. The perfect collision of colour & texture.

Trim ~handmade & hand picked~

Hand finished, thread spun drawcords and random vintage buttons collected from around the globe. Complete with Signature Stab X Billabong canvas labelling... and not to forget, a tailored carry pouch and this unique hand stitched booklet.

Tailored ~made by hand~

Created & made by hand. Panels individually engineered and hand cut to best position the print artwork and unique sun bleached characteristics. Minute attention to detail with premium finishes of a tailored suit.

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