• A Fly in the Champagne - The rivalry of Andy Irons and Kelly Slater

Irons Brothers Productions is pleased to announce our newest project, "A Fly in the Champagne".  The rivalry between Andy Irons and Kelly Slater has been one of folklore for a decade now.  The two most influential surfers of all-time have had a much-publicized dislike for each other over the years.  Irons Brothers Productions embarked on a two-week excursion to Indonesia with Andy and Kelly to capture what everyone thought could never happen, a trip together.  What ensued was groundbreaking and captivating.  Shot from land, boat, and water, Irons Brothers Productions captured history.  This project was shot solely on HD and film cameras.  With co-sponsoring from Billabong®, Quiksilver®, ESPN® and Transworld Surf®, there is no doubt that this will be a highly successful project.

In Stores March 15th, 2009.