Billabong, sanuk, electric sunglasses, formula energy surfboards, sticky bumps.


Typical Board: Rasta owns and is known for his incredible ability to ride many different boards. On any day of the week you could find him skipping along on his guts on a blow up surf mat, spinning 360s (nude!) on an aleia, gouging huge cutbacks on a conventional quad or thruster, heading up the coast somewhere on a 17ft paddle board or not riding anything at all (bodysurfing).

History & Achievements: Before turning his back on competition to become one of the world's first, recognised professional "freesurfers", Rasta enjoyed a string of good results punctuated... Leia mais


  • Rasta - I surf because short film

    Dave Rastovich has had the privilege of travelling the world as a professional freesurfer. In Rasta's travels he has been exposed to the worlds most breath taking wonders as well as the contrasting destructions that man has carried out. Driven by his personal beliefs and convictions Rasta is far more than just a surfer and devotes large portion of his time to combatting the ever growing issue of ocean pollution and the affects it has on it's inhabitants. Like the great Steve Erwin and as fruity as it sounds Rasta is somewhat of a wildlife warrior and will continue to fight for the protection of all marine life.



Billabong, sanuk, electric sunglasses, formula energy surfboards, sticky bumps.
Seven Mile Beach
Byron Bay, NSW, Australia.
Date of birth
31st December, 1980.
Perfect day
Riding an unsurfed wave with friends far from cities filled with vacuous technological lours.
Major accomplishments
long distance paddle and sail ecological campaigns, riding unchartered waves and surfing the way i feel to.
Coolest place you've ever been
Alaska and tasmania
Favorite food
Anything without a face or a mother feels the best to me-
Kind of car
Standard stinky, polluting ute. you can't polish a turd and every petrol/diesel car is a turd in my book.
Living person you most admire
My lovely lady lauren lindsey hill coke herman cole davis
Never leave home without
leaving something behind.
When not surfing, I'm
When I was little I wanted to be
Surfing all day everyday
Years surfing
If I were an animal, I would be
Pelifin, it is a perfect mix of half dolphin and half pelican. they exist in isolated regions of the world where old Greg the man who lives at the bottom of black lake where he keeps the ball of funk to himself for safe keeping.
Favorite book
Eternal seas, oceanic poetry from yesteryear.
Perfect happiness
The name of a friends dog. a lot of pressure on the dog to not get pissed off but is seems to live up to it's name.
Guilty pleasure
Sorbet gelato after surfing
Word or phrase you overuse
Probably my middle name....mate.
Most treasured possession
A pelifin feather.
My secret talent is
Puns, and wordsmithery
Could live anywhere, where?
Sirius A, in spirit form that would be rad.
Secret obsession
Puns and wordsmithery
My worst habit is
Puns, and wordsmithery.
Songs on repeat right now
Gayatri mantra
Value most in life
Favorite occupation
Helping others
My motto is
Be sincere not serious
Greatest extravagance
Having lots of time in my days.
Favorite band(s)
Matson two, fleet foxes,hendrix, anugama
Favorite way to pass time on long flights
Sleeping- writing-sleeping
First thing you pack for a trip
Passport- finding most everything else isn't too hard with a bit of imagination.
Favorite board at the moment
a venturi effect concave running through my 5'9 twin fin with a little stablisier fin on the tail.. bodysurfing is pretty high on the list right now too-
Come back in as your next life
Sweet, i never knew reincarnation was so widely accepted--- pelifin.
Favorite movies
Best night out outfit
White buffalo woman
Favorite surf spot
Anywhere clean, uncrowded and hollow will be a treat
Light and sound, love and fear, laughter and tears, cheeseball answers to questions like this answer is.
Best advice ever been given
Smooth seas never made a skilfull sailor
Astrological sign...
i was born in capricornian times