No Aussie surf icon has captured the hearts and minds of as many people as Mark Occhilupo. The man will go down as one of surfing's greats.

June 16, 1966
A young fella by the name of Mark Occhilupo emerges into the world, what will the future hold in store for him.......

His long and turbulent career began at the age of 9 when he first began surfing the beachie's of Cronulla near his home in Kurnell in southern Sydney.

But it wasn't until he flagged school at year 10 and packed his bags for tour life at the age of 16 that he began turning heads. The blond... Leia mais


  • Mark Occhilupo

    This is the official wrap up of Occy's career.

  • Mark Occhilupo

    AI goes golfing with Occy and runs into a little bit of trouble. Check out how it all went down...