Byron Bay, NSW


Margaret River is a unique place that produces all types of surfer – soul guy, comp guy, big wave guy, future guy – and Creed McTaggert’s act tends to have a bit of each.

There’s a purity about Creed’s approach that is alluring. It’s his timing, maybe, and cleanly defined lines that make his surfing easy to watch.

He gave up on the comp scene sometime around 2011, despite notching up a string of titles that suggested he was headed for a successful open career. But now Creed’s really found his groove, it’s all about chasing good waves and doing something... Leia mais



    • ABYSS

      Take a dark and psychedelic voyage with Creed McTaggart as he messes with the hostile waters of Western Australia’s Indian ocean, set to one mind bending 10 minute track by Sleepy Sun. Abyss sends you back in time as it unveils and transforms a grip of differing shapes, sounds and personalities.



    Byron Bay, NSW
    Magic stick
    5’10 Hayden shape, or 5’5 Hayden fish. Stringerless epoxies usually, but not always.
    First surf
    At the age of five, with the help of dad, John, at Margaret Rivermouth.